Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As we know India is a country of villages where 72% live in rural
areas and the rest in urban areas but in case of job opportunities the
rural scenario is very poor.The development of urban areas is worth
praising.but at the same time villages are showing a poor
development.Agriculture forms the backbone of our economy.Yet the
development in villages is nothing but impressive.the job opportunities
in villages is very poor.this results into migration of a large
villagers into the urban areas.it has much contributed towards slums
and poverty.as the health facilities are limited in urban areas the
urban poor are falling prey to diseases.all these resulted into 134th
rank of India in HDI.
The villagers are striving hard for emerging from the dark
shadows of poverty but the government lights are dim there and hence
they are forced to live in the dark.The induction of MGREGS is a
welcoming step in this direction but there are still many loopholes as
far as accountability and proper functioning are concerned.If India
wants to be developed then priority should be given to villages
because"the real India lies in villages" as said by Mahatma Gandhi.


.The NHAI's plan is to built nine big ticket highways covering 500kms
worth a budget of 5000crore or more so as to increase highway
standards.of course the roads are life line for any development works and
hence they must be developed.but what about rural roads.
the PMGSY scheme was implemented in rural areas in the year 2000.but
because of poor accountability the transport system is worse which
discourages private entrepreneurship and investment.it results into
imbalance in development.so rather investing money in increasing the
standards of highways the government should develop basic transport
system for proper rural development.


with reference to the article India must make a bid for UN' in your esteemed daily hitavada dated nov7 in which the writer has mentioned almost all of Indian strengths. but what is the use in mentioning these qualities and hiding disqualities.the writer has given Indian ranks in different fields.let me tell you some more Indian ranks.
as per the 2009-10 reports India ranked 119th in HDI.it ranked 84th most corrupt country of the world,139th in the Gender Development Index.moreover it ranked 88th among 135 countries in the human poverty index.it ranked 65th in the global hunger index.contrary to this it ranked 1 in diabetes and 2 in population.showing your qualities and hiding your faults is a retrograde step towards development.if weaknesses are brought on screen rather than putting curtain, it would lead steps towards eliminating them and hence development. but if efforts are made to hide weaknesses then it would ultimately lead to a poor show of development and that is what is happening in the Indian society.
so rather putting our nation's faults in dark we should try to bring them on screen.because truth can be hidden but cannot be extinguished'.


as we know that after 10 years of its separation (from Bihar),
Jharkhand is still backward.
The Telangana and Kashmiri separatarists should take into consideration
that separation from a country or state is not a factor for
development,but integration and unity is a sure factor for development.so
rather making pieces,sharing a loaf of bread is more convenient.


as we know that the automobile sector in India is at its highest point of profit.because of the absence of public sector , the private entrepreneurs as well as the foreign companies are sharing a big chunk of profits.
hence it is the time when the government can hit the ground running by making appropriate investments in this peak season.


   as we all are aware of the recent Adarsh housing scam in which the congress government has been blamed by the BJP on grounds of corruption.the congress government immediately removed former CM Ashok Chavan.but the conditions were set from pan to fire  when the 2G spectrum came on screen.
    the conditions were quickly handled and the Congress government dismissed A.raja.yet the BJP assaulted the Congress for these corrupt practices.but recently when it came to the BJP over Karnataka C.M. Yeddurappa in a land scam,it is quiet.this shows that 'the pot was calling the kettle black'.

sir, this refers to the article 'anthem shouldn't be a caller tune'in your esteemed daily Hitavada dated nov18,that the DoT has directed not to offer national anthem as a caller tune.
  I totally agree with the decision made by DoT,because it is not one's own bhajan or mantra,nor it is a prayer or dua,it is our national anthem which should be treated with awe and respect.


   it is estimated that india would be the largest job producer in the world by 2050.it woluld be a great pleasure for the indians.
  talking of the U.S. it was once the largest producer of jobs in the world but now it is seeking jobs from India.this arises a  question in my mind that India would also face the same problem in near future.as every day has its sunset,India may also face the same problem.
  hence we must learn from the U.S and hence conventional wisdom of economic protectionism is a must factor to prevent fleeing of jobs of future india abroad.


   this refers to your edit 'netas ahead of babus in corruption' in tour esteemed daily Hitavada dated 17 Dec.the writer has made a sharp eyed view.it is true that if babus are rats then netas are elephants of corruption.
   the babus as well as the government employees have checked powers in some or the other way,this keeps them in their limits.on the contrary the politicians enjoy unchecked powers and that makes them the king of corruption.
   the politicians are always having a nexus with the scamsters.they know how to put a curtain over their black image.and hence they are never arrested red handed.they be fool the people by all possible ways and ultimately enters the democratic field as a martyr.
   hence it is the need of the hour that the people in collaboration with the media must ensure steps to prevent exploitation of the people at the hands of these netas.a separate judicial body dealing with the corruption in political as well as government bodies should be set up to ensure zero corruption.

From:Umair Zahir Quazi
rachna society,yavatmal-445001