Monday, November 7, 2011



The day was bright.Th...
: A REAL STORY _THINK YOUTHS The day was bright.The morning air felt good clean and fresh.The birds were chirping in the row of trees tha...

The day was bright.The morning air felt good clean and fresh.The birds were chirping in the row of trees that ran along the gravel way.
"Ah! a perfect morning."
I was wondering on the fresh atmosphere when he shrieked and promulgated throughout the house that 'I AM AWAKE'. She left the utensils as it is and rushed to him with a bottle of milk.Of-course she was awake since dawn so that she could complete her chores before her little one ends his cruise of sleep.
 She held him high up from the cradle and started amusing him until he stopped crying.Meanwhile she removed his diaper,showed him the sparrow feeding left-overs and then took him for a bath.She dipped her finger in bathtub so as to test the warmness and in that she burned her finger.(Of course mothers are always solicitous about their child's health). After a little while with much noise and cry,she managed to give him a bath.She enclosed him in a soft towel.His moist little fingers were trying to reach her nose and with a little effort he caught it and smiled.She too joined him in his clouds of innocence and happiness.She enjoyed adorning him though he was spruce-less.After having a 'kajal' in his eyes,she made him busy in his colorful toys and was again ready to face the kitchen mess.The little one cried and again she accompanied him.
"Oh! my God.What a hectic!"."Mothers, you people are great".
I was pondering at my wife's predicament when I heard from Mrs Mehra's house,"Get your hands away from this! Can't you keep yourself aside in a niche?" Soon Mrs.Mehra emerged from the house with her eyelids wet and with a lot of disgrace she sat on the rock porch.Mean-while his son,a software engineer emerged with his wife.He called a taxi and soon he left.Mrs.Mehra sat gazing at the yellow taxi up to the instant it was visible.She broke into tears,her grief knew no bound and she started weeping overheartedly.
 My wife rushed to soothe her.She managed to take Mrs.Mehra inside,where Mrs.Mehra told her the complete story.She told her that her son always spurned her and yelled at her due to her old age follies and that now he had left her alone to die.
 My wife soon returned home.She stood silent at one corner gazing at our child with her eyes flooded.Tears came from her eyes which asked the little one, "Would you also do the same?"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Balanced development

   it was good to see that the Forbes list listed two Indians among the top ten billionaries of the world.(the hitavada,dated 11 march).but at the same time the news according to Transparency international(2011) that four out of ten hungry people of the world are found in India,embarrassed me.why the Indian society  shows a lopsided development?
  we Indians of course would have stated innumerable reasons for that  ranging from food security to food politics.but upto now no one has initiated practical steps to minimise this problem.our politicians are busy in performing scam after scam.providing food to the needy and reaching out to the poor is a Sisyphean task for the government such a juncture our intellectual giants should come forward along with our multibillionaries to provide a practical solution to this problem.moreover those at the helm in administration should evolve a strategy that every Indian gets a meal a day,after that they can think of the development projects in which most of the money goes in the wrong hands.
from:Umair Zahir Quazi

Thursday, March 3, 2011

THE POLICY MAKERS: quality not quantity,sir,  today educational institutions are nothing m...

THE POLICY MAKERS: sir, today educational institutions are nothing m...: "sir, today educational institutions are nothing more than a real estate business.India would be the largest job producer economy by 20..."
  today educational institutions are nothing more than a real estate business.India would be the largest job producer economy by 2050.the main hurdle in overall development as preferred by our policy makers is the low quality of education provided by our institutions.
   the technical institutions are a pioneer  of economic development.but these pillars are badly shaken due to the reasons ranging from political dominance in educational sector to monopoly of private institutions.the government instead of wasting efforts to make these institutions economically viable should strive to make these institutions educationally viable because quality counts and not quantity.
From; Umair Zahir Quazi
31,rachna society,yavatmal-445001

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did they improve?

   the conditions of the Indian women in the society were worse far years ago.some may debate it by saying that the conditions are all right is true that the conditions are getting right but it is restricted only upto the society,as far as governance is considered,it shows the same scenario.after Independance we have seen a lady as a president almost after more than 60 long years.
  talking of the local governance at the grass root level ,the women which are capable of doing something are not represented and the women which are represented are not capable of doing anything.this is mainly due to our male dominated society.the situation of the Indian women is same as it was before,the introduction of reservation only put curtains over it. a paradigm shift  is needed so as to  improve condition of the Indian women.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

THE POLICY MAKERS: Need to tame inflation

THE POLICY MAKERS: Need to tame inflation: "sir, this refers to the editorial 'agri reform to tame inflation'{ET,jan13}.the author has rightly stated that agri-reform..."

Need to tame inflation

   this refers to the editorial 'agri reform to tame inflation'{ET,jan13}.the author has rightly stated that  agri-reform is essential to surface  problem of food inflation.besides higher rates and less spending could tackle food inflation.moreover India can adopt  intensive techniques in production which is basically practised in Japan and USA.this would ultimately minimize capital input keeping the same labour force.moreover the production of economic goods would act as a silver lining in increasing the agricultural exports.the co-operation of public and private sector is a key factor in escaping the food wage spiral.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog: Stcock Market Today by Chamil on Bloggers

Blog: Stcock Market Today by Chamil on Bloggers

Shoaib Maleque on Bloggers

Shoaib Maleque on Bloggers

Umair on Bloggers

Umair on Bloggers

assure them first

  as we know that the income tax department decided to raise taxes by means of goods and services tax,etc. the raising of tax collection target  by 20,000 crore is  an indicator of economic growth.though the raising of taxes such as goods and services tax put an extra burden on the common man,he is proud.the government is  trying to raise the tax collection is indeed good for our economy but it should assure the common man that the money raised would be adhoc for development works.moreover the government should take into account that the raised taxes add colours to the Indian economy rather than filling the pockets of the system.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's support them

  as we know Rohan-Aisan made a mark by starting 'stop war,start tennis' compaign.this campaign should be welcomed with open hands because it is free from caste,religion,region and politics.the campaign is indeed first of it's type,where both the ends merge together without any greed.Indians must come forward to greet this campaign.
31,rachna society, yavatmal-445001