Friday, March 11, 2011

Balanced development

   it was good to see that the Forbes list listed two Indians among the top ten billionaries of the world.(the hitavada,dated 11 march).but at the same time the news according to Transparency international(2011) that four out of ten hungry people of the world are found in India,embarrassed me.why the Indian society  shows a lopsided development?
  we Indians of course would have stated innumerable reasons for that  ranging from food security to food politics.but upto now no one has initiated practical steps to minimise this problem.our politicians are busy in performing scam after scam.providing food to the needy and reaching out to the poor is a Sisyphean task for the government such a juncture our intellectual giants should come forward along with our multibillionaries to provide a practical solution to this problem.moreover those at the helm in administration should evolve a strategy that every Indian gets a meal a day,after that they can think of the development projects in which most of the money goes in the wrong hands.
from:Umair Zahir Quazi

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